• Starbucks unveils its eco-friendly and tailor made stores

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    I don’t know, it might be the recession that is making Starbucks open fewer stores than before but the ones that they open, have to be environmentally friendly and also it should be made from locally available materials and should also the reflect the looks of the neighborhood they are in. The firs that was opened was in March across the street from the Pike Place Market in Seattle which had a more rustic look and included scrap leather from shoe and automobile factories, a long community table from a restaurant and cabinet made from fallen trees. This month, the second concept was unveiled at its Paris Design Village store where some materials came from reclaimed Champagne racks and recycled mobile phone parts. This is a pretty unique way of recycling and reusing waste materials. Starbucks will be seeking the LEED certification, which is an indication of environmental friendliness for all the new company-owned stores beginning next year.

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