• Stadium sized Helium balloons to help save world from global-warming

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    The human race has indeed been proven guilty and the central cause behind the depletion of the ozone layer, natures mirror to keep those harmful UV rays of the sun away from the earth. Well, it’s time we gave nature back what we’ve destroyed, and researchers have lately developed a Wembley Stadium-sized helium balloon tethered to a ship that could save the environment from future global warming. Here’s how. Produced by scientists at Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Edinburgh Universities, the 660ft-long balloon will pump millions of tons of water mixed with sulphates, clay, salts and metal oxides which will then work as a mirror in the atmosphere reflecting a part of the sun’s rays back into the universe! With plans to have 10 balloons like these around the globe, global temperatures could decrease by a whopping 2 degrees Celsius!

    Though most skeptics think this one to be yet another human-interferes-with-nature act, it does seem worth the shot, saving the glaciers at the poles from melting!

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