• Sonic Fabric, music through your clothes

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    Imagine wearing a dress and where you can listen to it. For conceptual artist, this is the next generation entertainment hub – or let’s hope so, since it is going to be made of recycled cassette tapes. Alyce Santoro came up with the idea to transform used tapes into beautiful and durable fabric called Sonic Fabric. So what she did is make shimmery dresses, sparkly umbrellas and sleek ties. Aside from the funky style of it, it can also help you listen to music. It emits a garbled, underwater-like sound when you run a tape head over it, and has even been “played” by Phish percussionist John Fishman during a concert in Las Vegas.

    She has been creating clothes woven from 50% recycled cassette tape and 50% polyester thread, the resulting cloth has the same rich sheen as raw silk or sateen. She has also launched a line of neckties. Sonic Fabric is also available by the yard for interior, fashion, and accessories designers who are interested in incorporating the material into their own projects.

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