• Solar-powered trash cans speak out directions to loos in Shanghai

  • Shanghai.jpg
    Where else can you find speaking garbage bins with a touch of green element, but in China. It is reported that ten solar powered, speaking trash bins are put up at People’s Square, Shanghai. Powered by sun’s energy, the bins are modified to give out verbal instructions about the where about of closest two toilets, via electronic voice, to pedestrians. So next time when you are in Shanghai and you need to answer nature’s call in hurry then instead of resorting to fellow pedestrians for directions to the loo, hunt for these helpful green bins. Soaking in the solar energy, the bins can also guide the lost locals or tourists with an illuminated map. Being touted as China’s first of the solar powered garbage bins, in all 480 such cans will be placed at various locations in the near future.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on January 23, 2009