• Solar-powered swimming pool lights show water temperature too

  • Solar-Pool-Light.jpg
    Why swim around in the dark when you can illuminate your swimming pool perfectly well using solar energy instead! If you’ve been frantically searching for swimming pool lights that are efficient, highly water resistant and good enough to keep your pool lit up without blowing out an extensive electricity bill, here’s your answer. These solar powered lights for swimming pools sport solar panels on the top that soak in the sun’s energy during the day time storing it all in internal rechargeable batteries. The lights then glow during the dark hours using the energy stored during the day, using LEDs with 140 lumens capable of illuminating a space extending out to 1,000′ sq.

    And that’s not all. These lights also work as a thermometer of sorts for your pool, with an LCD on the top that shows the water temperature in the pool. Great ways to illuminate your late-evening swim, these lights are easily attachable too.this solar Powered “Solar Pool Light” is available for $180 here.