• Solar powered stroller for eco-infants

  • solar_powered_stroller_1.jpg
    A stroller is essential for infants and their parents to push them around the streets with ease. Such an infant accessory doesn’t need any extra frills other than the basic sturdy structure and comfortably padded and secured seat. But designers are cashing on to the parent’s whim for extraordinary stuff by presenting strollers tweaked with gadgets and pimped with precious metals and gemstones. Currently, our eco-blogoshpere is also buzzing with a green stroller. Not much is revealed about this Solar powered Stroller. But going by the pictures it can be determined that this all white stroller has a solar roof stretched over the seat. I am sure that this green roof will protect the child from the harmful rays of the sun but what’s got me puzzled is the need of solar panels on a stroller. To charge parent’s gadgets on the go? Or to charge the little prince/princess’s lullaby strumming music player? What ever it is, the designer certainly let his green thumb loose with this solar powered stroller!

    It was showcased at 100% Futures, the student exhibition at Tokyo Design Week by some anonymous designer for a concept study.

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