• Solar powered portable public toilet opens up for toilet business

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    Co-designed by Leonard, a solar powered public toilet is all set to be seen on the roads of Portland before 2008 ends. Estimated at about $140,000 (for the prototype) and dubbed as Portland Loo, this portable toilet is very light in weight. Erected out of stainless steel wall panels, the cylindrical bathroom is designed to be five feet wide and eight feet tall. It will sport a sink on the outside and see-through slats down low so police can check for unhealthy or nasty behavior. It will have a hard connection to water and sewer and solar panels to power the light that will come on in the evening and warm the pipes to prevent against freezing. This toilet business will throw its doors open on the 12th of Dec this year.

    Such portable green loos will help to eliminate the current common practice of urinating and defecating on sidewalks and private property. Also City Commisioner, Leonard, thinks his office and a local manufacturer can sell the bathrooms to other cities for $50,000 a piece. Making profits out of toilet business!
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