• Solar powered bathing suit gives you a perfect tan!

  • Solar-Tan-1.jpg
    Earning a perfect tan isn’t all that easy, and quite often, the most of us end up looking like badly burnt lobsters. Chuck those tanning lotions away and those artificial tan salon coupons you’ve got. Instead, get that lovely gold-glowing skin with designer Jun-hyeon Kim’s bathing suit that helps your body tan evenly in a green and eco-friendly way! Basically a bikini with an integrated solar panel, the Solar Tan Swimsuit’s unique fabric helps the body tan evenly. All you need to do is don it and lie flat on your back below the sunshine on the sunny seaside and wait for the sun and the suit to do the job.

    This sure is the closest you could get to a perfect tan that’s usually possible on nude beaches or fake tan spray cans that really don’t seem to fool the masses anymore.
    Via – [Gizmodiva]

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