• Solar powered bag with interactive display made from e-paper, the future of backpacks

  • Solar-powered-bag.jpg
    In the future, your backpack will do a lot more than just carry around the mess of assorted items you just keep tossing into it every now and then. Karan Singh Gandhi, a designer based in Singapore and Mumbai has designed a backpack that, besides looking great, will also pack in a bunch of technology too. The Androcell, as he calls it, is a biopolymer backpack that integrates solar cells soaking in the sun. The energy generated is then used to power an e-paper display that lets you browse and share files. The interactive display can be customized by the user, with the bag changing appearance according to one’s suitability. The shoulder straps pack touch-screen buttons that let you access music, videos and pictures too!

    The solar photovoltaic cells are tiny and integrated in the bag’s material itself. And the best part, when you’re done using this one, it’s fully recyclable!

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