• Solar panels made fashionable with Diffus’ solar powered handbag

  • solar-powered-handbag-1.jpg
    Solar panels aren’t necessarily an eyesore, interactive design firm Diffus just proved that. The firm’s latest project, a solar-powered handbag, proudly flaunts the solar panels attached to it, instead of shielding them inside given the fact that they can, at times, turn into a complete fashion-disaster. This cleverly pieced designer bag smartly uses the solar panels on the outside to its advantage, with an added touch of aesthetic beauty from the Swiss embroidery company Forster Rohner and the Alexandra Institute. The 100 solar panels on the bag’s exterior soak in enough solar energy to power up your mobile phone and just about any other portable device, including an mp3 player. And that’s not all.

    This bag lets you have a look inside in the dark too, with fiber optics illuminating it during dark hours, allowing you to pick out your keys from your bag at night without fidgeting around.

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