• Solar-furnace in Uzbekistan sports 10,700 mirror tiles capable of melting metal

  • uzbekistan-solar-oven-2The sun has tons of uses humankind still hasn’t made the best use of, and this solar oven set up in Parkent, Uzbekistan, is one of the many solar applications that’s receiving attention from around the globe. Constructed to resemble an Aztec temple, this solar furnace is capable of producing temperatures hot enough to heat metal. The curved surface of the furnace’s mirrors measure 175 feet up and across. These direct a beam with a four foot diameter.

    With sixty-three flat mirrors tracking and focusing thermal energy onto the center of the parabolic pagoda, the furnace’s 10,700 mirror tiles make sure nearly all the heat reflected on it is captured and stored. As intimidating as all of this may sound, the concept is pretty stunning and is the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly furnace we’ve had the pleasure of writing about!





    [Via – Inhabitat]

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