• Solar Chaise Lounge chair soaks up solar energy, generates electricity

  • Solar-Chaise-Lounge-chair-1.jpg
    Well, no one’s really thought of turning solar panels into seating arrangements before, and for good reason. Given the fact that these do tend to get really hot, with the sun-rays showering down on them through the day, it isn’t really a great place to rest your backside. The Solar Chaise Lounge chair however uses the principal, though in a comfortable way. Designed by Vlada Davydova, these rigid hinged recliners integrate solar panels and are meant for the outdoors. Also, the seats can be modified as per your preference, given that the sport hinges, making them foldable.

    Davydova also added on a canopy that integrates solar panels too that soak in the sun and generates electricity which can then be used to power up your mobile phones and other portable devices, while keeping the person seated well protected from those harmful UV rays.

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