• Soda cans recycled to fit eco-diva’s lingerie collection

  • eco-diva_lingerie_1.jpg
    The used, empty soda cans in my house find their straight into the dustbin. However sometimes I save up one or two for my toddler’s ‘Best out of Waste’ project. She loves to decorate such cans into pen stands or comb stands with all the craft material. Pushing aside such kindergarten-aged recycling attempts, Designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch has moved up further to shape a set of adult lingerie from recycled soda cans. Inspired from a very young age to do something green, Ingrid presented the most unusual eco-friendly set of underclothes for a eco-diva. If filthy rich women can display their wealth by flaunting gold and diamond studded under garments, then eco-conscious babes can stand up to flaunt their love for our environment with such a recycled set. I am sure such a green set of underwear isn’t actually wearable. But the red and silver combi certainly kicks out a hot and bold ‘green’ style!

    Via – Gizmodiva

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on November 12, 2008