• Social-environmental Station is the environment traffic light –Greener Gadgets Design Competition

  • eco_traffic_light.jpg
    Red, green, yellow…..are the most universal and basic form of instructions that most humans from any corner of the world can follow on a road. I am talking about the traffic lights that never fail to alert the driver to maintain discipline on the road. Based on the same subject, Hernando Barragan from Colombia has designed the Social-environmental Station which is actually an Environmental traffic light. This ingenious concept is designed to educate and raise the awareness about the critical state of our environment. Instead of Stop. Wait and Go, this green traffic signal will display precise figures about the CO2 and other non-earth-friendly elements in the environment.

    However the designer can work on improving the design….especially the display. Its has be loud and clear and at the same time striking enough to grab everybody’s attention. Just as we watch out for the LED temperature or time displays about the city, such a CO2 level display will certainly help to generate consciousness on the hazards of living in harmful environmental.

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