• Sky Terra super skyscrapers for more green and air

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    Haven’t we all watched those alien looking creations and structures where people of the future live in where the atmosphere and air is human controlled since the outside world has succumbed to global warming? Well now San Francisco-based designer Joanna Borek-Clement has envisioned a network of interconnected towers shaped like a neuron called the Sky-Terra skyscrapers It provides a whole new city layer – one covered in public parks, amphitheaters, fields, and public pools and bathhouses and all much above the already sky-kissing skyscrapers. This was an entry in the 2009 eVolo Skyscraper competition and city of cosideration was Tokyo. Sky-Terra towers consist of a narrow base with a deep and strong foundation. The towers rise up to 1,600 ft and expand out until they reach the flat top plaza layer.

    The transportation system consists of interconnected foot paths, as well as 4 foot wide streets designated for bikes or small electric cars. The remaining is meant to be green space which will assist in reducing urban heat island effect. Rainwater collection will provide water for landscaping needs, and the towers’ building materials consist of modular parts that would be mass-produced to conserve resources and energy. The plaza levels are designed with holes and spaces between the fins that allow light to beam down. The idea seems all smart and huge but I cannot imagine being stuck in the air and living there! So for holidays we go to earth?