• The Sistine Chapel will use LED lighting to display Michelangelo’s fresco!

  • sistine-chapel-masterpieceThe Sistine Chapel plays home to one of Michelangelo’s finest, the celebrated fresco that adorns the ceiling of the structure. Over the years, direct sunlight had proven to be quite damaging to this beautiful piece of art, which is why the windows were blocked. To illuminate the chapel, officials used halogen light bulbs instead, these in turn proved to be electricity hogs. Recently, Vatican officials and art conservators have come up with an energy-efficient way to preserve the fresco.

    Instead of halogen bulbs, the Sistine Chapel will now use a new LED lighting system. This will include 7,000 LED bulbs that will enable visitors to the chapel to view the fresco clearly. To illuminate the chapel, the Vatican has roped in German lighting company Osram who have come up with a customized solution that brings out the true tones of the fresco!

    [Via – Inhabitat]

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