• Sip from eco-friendly carton of wine for a green toast

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    Recently we bought your attention to the World’s Largest Cork Mosaic. And today, it’s the whole wine bottle that is undergoing an eco-revamping. Till now economically prized wines were packed cardboard boxes but henceforth FOUR wine intends to break that trend. For the first time a premium California wine has dared to shatter the glass to step in the cardboard tubes. Supposed to be good for environment as well as pockets, such an eco-packaging move may not go down the throats of wine connoisseurs with ease. But FOUR’s Brand manager Larry Leigon is optimistic about this green change. He also justifies the positive effect of such a carton-styled packaging by stating that the wine can last longer after being opened and less oxygen enters through the tube and its spout than a bottle whose cork has been popped. The company is marketing its Cabernet Sauvignon/Petite Sirah blend in three-liter (three-quart) canisters.

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