• Singapore sets up giant metal and concrete “trees” with rainwater harvesting

  • Singapore-Supertree-1.jpg
    Singapore, unlike most urbanized areas dotting the surface of the earth, is making sure it has ample of greenery and shade, even if the two need to be created artificially. A city known for advancing quickly and boasting some of the best of designs around the globe, Singapore is now busy setting up giant trees made of concrete and metal rods stretching 50 meters high, providing enough shade to house a bunch load of people. Now these might not benefit the environment in a way our real green buddies do like pulling out carbon from the air and providing the earth with natural water-drainage systems. These humongous structures weighing a few hundred tons each however, will boast hanging gardens and rainwater collection systems, making them a cherry on the top of a cake for the city of Singapore.


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