• Siemens builds world’s longest wind turbine rotor blades

  • Global powerhouse Siemens has recently developed the world’s longest wind turbine rotor blades measuring a massive 75 meters each. They are set to install the rotors off the coast of Denmark at by Autumn 2012. The rotors will be installed at the local landscape at Osterild, which is Denmark’s national test centre for large wind turbines in a prototype six-megawatt offshore wind power system. The unit is designed to maximize energy yield at offshore locations such as inland waters with moderate wind resources to the most exposed offshore sites. The commendable feat is achieved through the mammoth B75 blades that are manufactured in one, smooth piece with no joints, using its IntegralBlade process.

    The intensive, advanced process used to create the blades renders them lightweight (almost 20% lighter than blades produced using traditional methods.) The ‘flatback’ profile of the rotors prevents loss of wind energy and ability to cope with higher wind speeds. Siemens is currently installing six-megawatt models off England’s south coast at the Gunfleet Sands wind farm and also has further plans to manufacture 300 gearless wind turbines with the B75 rotor blades.


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