• Self-sustained cities of the future around the equator by Geotectura Studio

  • Futuristic-City-1.jpg
    The world’s panning for the future, and so is Geotectura Studio. The firm has drawn up plans for a city of the future, wherein, the world’s population can live together, in a democratic environment, self-sufficient and self-sustained. For this, high-scale arches will be developed, playing the role of an enormous roof. This will integrate all those solar cells and wind turbines required to power up the city. Basically, these cities are designed as rings around the globe. The earth will have its own set of rings, wherein the entire human population lives together! These rings, one humongous city, will be located around the equator.

    Well, we don’t know how far this is from reality. Maybe the world might just live in rings around the equator in the future!

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