• Scientists Plan to Freeze Coral Reefs for Future Generation

  • dying coral reef frozen.jpg
    Dying coral reefs due to rising sea temperatures is a sad reality and a harsh reminder that not all global warming consequences can be reversed. In a meeting held in Denmark recently scientists brainstormed about possible ways to preserve beautiful corals for future generation and consensus was to freeze some samples in liquid nitrogen. This proves that conservation efforts seem to be failing and chances of survival of world’s coral are really low hence this frantic desperate measures to preserve them for posterity.

    Unfortunately coral reefs stand no chance of survival even if best of environmental regulations are put in place to control emissions and reduce global warming. The warmer oceans will remain warm for long time. Moreover along with corals entire sea ecosystem will be damaged. Some coral may be frozen and stacked away for preservation but ocean bed will be robbed of its beautiful treasure forever. The entire technological progress and intellectual power of mankind seems so futile when it fails to protect Nature and its grandeur.
    Via Treehugger