• Sanyo’s Eneloop Pedal Juice keeps your guitar pedal powered up for 50 hours

  • Sanyo-Pedal-Juice-battery-1.jpg
    To worried about the crowd of fans off-stage busy falling around your guitar pedal? Afraid of just what might happen if the power cable is pulled out in the bargain? Leave those fears behind, and turn to Eneloop, who’ve made sure you can stay plugged into your pedal, and strum those distorting notes, without the need of a grid connection! The Pedal Juice battery pack juices up all your pedals, as the name suggests, with 9V DC energy that can power up a 10mA effects pedal for 50 hours of play time, after 2.5 hours of charging. Also, the energy flow is constant till the Pedal Juice finally runs out charge.

    So shun those grid connections, keep those cables away, and opt for the Pedal Juice instead, that’ll guarantee you keep rocking, for the price of $149.99.

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