• San Francisco restaurant to double up as an environmental lab

  • green-restaurant-1There are restaurants that serve you everything you’ve been dreaming about on an empty stomach, and then there are restaurants that do the environment a huge favor too. One of the latter, is the yet-to-open restaurant, The Perennial, located in San Francisco. What sets this one apart from the rest of the eateries you’ve been spending considerable amounts of time at, is the fact that The Perennial is a restaurant and environmental lab combined.

    green-restaurant-2Food scraps from the restaurant will be recycled while the food on the menu will be carefully and organically sourced. Apart from this, the restaurant’s amenities will also take a greener shade. The brainchild of Anthony Myint and his wife Karen Leibowitz, the restaurant is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. Myint and Leibowitz also have an NGO called Zero Foodprint that helps other establishments wear green.

    [Via – Trendhunter]

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