• Reebok raises green awareness with eco-friendly Super Bowl Championship tees

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    When Reebok and Super Bowl Championship come together to announce a green product, their ardent fans are going to embrace it, or rather wear it, with open arms. Cashing on to the craze of Super Bowl, the company has come out with eco-friendly Super Bowl Locker Room Tees. These tees will be worn by the winning team following Super Bowl XLIII. Designed out of organic cotton yarn, these tees will also sport hang tags made of recycled materials. Signature green stitching on the shoulder and inside neck seams will set this official product apart.

    Since the need of the hour to recycle everything, the company decided to take care of the clothing and textile waste hazard in its own style. By infusing an environment friendly element to these best-seller tees, Reebok intends to raise the awareness of the need to recycle and use eco-friendly products. These green tees will be available for a limited time at select retail outlets immediately following the Super Bowl.

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