• Recycled Santa sits on the head of dometic tools

  • recycled_santas.jpg
    Mr. Charlie Huie is up to some fun since years as he carves Santas into just about anything that will sit still long enough. And his trademark is the Santa handles of old tools like tack hammers, sink plungers, old-fashioned potato mashers, and the like. Recycling tools and other old wooden handled household items like iron and rolling pins, this fellow is certainly smitten by the Santa’s charm.

    Charlie’s site, Recycled Santa, states, Rather than whittle the wood into the shape of Santas, Charlie allows the shape of the handle to dictate the design of the Santa. He preserves as much of the original handle as possible. If it is painted, he works around the color that is there; if the wood is pretty, he adds very little paint.

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