• Recycle or Landfill – The fate of millions of America’s TV sets

  • recycle_tv.jpg Keeping up with the digitalized fad, this time almost 20% of Americans will be forced to swap their outdated broadcast television sets for the upgraded digitals one. From 18th Feb onwards, all the analog signals will be terminated. Though such digitalized television viewing can be a pleasure to be entertained, it will lead to an unwanted eco-problem. All such discarded sets will find their way to landfills which are already overflowing with e-waste. Toxic components like lead, mercury and cadmium along with plastic and other metals will do more harm to our race. However Environmental Protection Agency has offered a solution with its Plug-In To ECycle website. The site suggests that most of the components from the old idiot-boxes can be reused and recycled. This will help to cut back on greenhouse gases, reduce pollution, save energy, and save resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

    Even viewers with new digital TVs or special converter boxes for older sets may need to upgrade their antennas because of a unique aspect of digital television.

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