• Ralph Lauren’s Solar Panel Backpack comes with a touch of green

  • ralph-lauren-solar-powered-waterproof-backpack.jpg
    Ralph Lauren has catered to the fashion conscious since time immortal, and is now trying to attract those looking for designer environment-friendly accessories, with this solar powered bag, part of his men’s athletic line, RLX. Christened the Solar Panel Backpack, this sure is a great companion on a trip outdoors, keeping your gadgets and portable devices all charged up, with solar energy. Also, just in case the clouds take over and it begins to rain, the backpack will make sure your valuables inside remain snug and dry, thanks to its thin, seamless and water-resistant material.

    A tempting piece of equipment to buy, this one does come with a price tag good enough to burn a mighty hole in your pocket. This Ralph Lauren creation costs $800, a price not many adventurers would prefer spending on a backpack.

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