• PowerCutter keeps energy from flowing through plugged-in cables

  • If you haven’t heard of this yet, electricity continues to flow through cables if left plugged in, even after the device connected is switched off. Leaving devices plugged in at home could indeed increase the length of your electricity bill and burn a deeper hole in your pocket. As a solution to this problem that could otherwise be easily avoided with a little bit of effort on our parts, designers Soheyl Ghiami, Kourosh Mahdavi, Elmira Cheraghi, Saba Saboursadeghzadeh & Yasna Kalantar have come up with an efficient device called the PowerCutter.

    The PowerCutter is in essence a charger cable with a built-in switch inside the socket that keeps energy from flowing through the cable after the socket is switched off. The PowerCutter is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner and is indeed a fantastic concept that’ll help prevent wastage of electricity in a darkening world.


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