• Poosh – The portable bucket based toilet that converts poop into fertilizer

  • poosh-portable-toilet1.jpg
    Answering natures call isn’t that easy for people around the globe as it is for us. Not everyone in the world has a proper access to acceptable levels of sanitation. At times, in extreme poverty and far flung areas, people simply use the ground for reasons similar. So, designers YoonHee Kim, Hannie Yu, Eunjung Choi, Mark Whiting, and Prof. Sangmin Bae have come to their aide with this innovative solution to sanitation. The toilet seat, known as the Poosh is basically a portable toilet. The Poosh is a bucket mounted toilet and works great with low smell, and an easy to use toilet seat that fits most bucket sizes. When in use, it opens automatically and closes when you;re done. This helps reduce all that nasty smell and health risks too.

    The Poosh uses an integrated bio-plastic self sealing bag. It adds a punch of catalysts and chemicals to all the waste inside and converts it all into fertilizer too! Good going Poosh!

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