• Plastic bags safer than paper bags claims report written for of the U.K. Environment Agency

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    Shuffle through the pages here and you’re sure to come across a bunch load of information on the gospel truth that paper is indeed safer to the environment and is a better option than plastic bags. Recently, we stumbled across a report that sure left us with dented skulls, written out by Chris Edwards and Jonna Meyhoff Fry at the behest of the U.K. Environment Agency, claiming plastic bags to be safer than the ever-green paper bag. Surprised? So were we! According to the report, ordinary plastic bags are 200 times more climate-friendly and emit one-third of the carbon dioxide of paper bags. The study also goes ahead to report a silly argument that plastic bags being lighter, are a lot greener than paper bags.

    Well, it probably is a bunch of mistyped alphabets which also explains why the report has never been published. Maybe it’s time to educate the world a lot more about the effects of plastic on mother earth.

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