• PITCHKenya stadium stores 1.5 million liters of fresh water using rainwater harvesting

  • rainwater-harvesting-soccer-field-What else can a soccer stadium do, besides enabling a bunch of soccer-heads from kicking a ball around? Store water of course! Nestled in Kenya, this fantastically thoughtful soccer field actually stores water! Constructed by PITCHAfrica, the rainwater-harvesting soccer and volleyball stadium has been set up at a school in Kenya. The stadium is capable of storing 1.5 million liters of fresh water, gathered from rainwater harvesting.

    Called the PITCHKenya stadium, this one can seat up to 1,500 and has four unique, low-cost, rain-harvesting buildings termed ‘Waterbanks’. Using rainwater harvesting to its benefit, the PITCHKenya is a fantastic example of how simple buildings can be used for environmental purposes, with a few minor tweaks!

    [Via – Inhabitat]

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