• PepsiCo’s recyclable bottles to use 100% plant materials

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    Good news vegans! You can now bite into your Pepsi bottle and not suffer from a stomach ache! The company has decided to have its bottles completely made from plants. And no, they can’t really be bitten into, though that’d seem a pretty good appetizer too. Unlike Coke’s PlantBottle that has just 30% of its raw materials derived from plants, the PepsiCo bottle goes all the way to 100%, making it completely recyclable. That’s not all. The company is also drawing up plans to use byproducts like orange and potato peels, oat hulls and others that are thrown up while manufacturing Tropicana and Quaker.

    With that, we’re pretty sure those piles of empty PET bottles lying around in landfills won’t go any higher. Three cheers for soda-bottle recycling!

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