• PepsiCo’s first Green plant in China will help to save water and energy

  • pepsico_logo.jpg Competition is a must for every business. And this holds true for the cola giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi too. It’s not only the race to deliver the best taste but also the need to go green that is worth a mention. Today PepsiCo has opened its first overseas “green” plant in China. Part of $1 billion plan, the state-of-the-art beverage facility at Chongqing is the first green beverage plant ever built in China. It will help PepsiCo to annually reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3,100 tons; water usage by 100,000 tons; and overall energy use by four million kilowatt hours compared to the former Chongqing plant. Fitted with more than 35 water and energy saving designs the plant utilizes the world’s most advanced technology. It also includes an environmental management system that monitors water and energy use on every production line and every piece of individual equipment in real time. Such an eco-friendly plant will help to reduce water consumption by 22% and energy consumption by 23%. Roll over to read about how these targets are achieved…….

    To save water, the plant utilizes a high-pressure cleaning system, water-free conveyor belt lubricant and water-saving fixtures. Plant associates re-use water for landscaping and general cleaning instead of using potable water. To save energy, 75% of the plant’s indoor areas feature natural lighting, including a skylight in the packing area and warehouse. A roof garden insulates the office building and saves energy for cooling and heating.
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