• Patrick Pinhero’s solar energy collection device offers 90-95% conversion efficiency

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    Rumor has it, that the University of Missouri has come up with cutting edge solar panels, that could probably make the shiny new array you’ve just set up on your roof into a museum artifact. Missouri professor, Patrick Pinhero, claims to have come up with a device that uses a thin sheet of tiny antennas that collect as much energy as possible, as opposed to the 20% conversion efficiency our current solar panels brag about. Pinhero’s technology does not necessarily need to be exposed to bright sunshine to generate energy. Leaving it near a near-infrared light source can also have it generating substantial amounts of electricity!

    For now, this is all we’ve heard about what could be a ground-breaking invention in the last few decades. We just pray that Pinhero’s technology surfaces on a marketable scale in the near future!

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