• Paper bricks replace wood in fireplaces this winter

  • fire-logs-1Winter’s here and with it, comes the immense need for fire wood globally. While wood may seem like a great option to keep the fireplace roaring, it isn’t always so. Wood is better off in rural areas that are off the grid and have no connection to optional heat sources. Here’s why. Wood is a great way to heat up, so long as not everyone is cutting down trees for firewood. Instead, paper log bricks are a cheaper and much more environmentally friendly way of starting a fire! These paper bricks are made from waste newspaper and are perfectly combustible, making them a great option for those in urban areas.

    To make a paper brick, newspapers are either shredded or used whole, moistened and mixed into a pulp, and shaped into bricks or logs. Once dried properly, they’re ready to use and work like regular firewood. Tell us what you think of these innovative paper bricks for fireplaces in the comments below!





    [Via – Treehugger]

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