• NSA to use poop water to cool down its new data center

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    The NSA has been taking a lot of poop talk from people lately after the world realized that this American government agency has been peeking at our emails, telephone conversations and gaming history too! However, the NSA doesn’t seem to mind all the poop and has been eager to make use of it all in a smart and eco-friendly way! According to a recent report, the new NSA data center being built at Fort Meade in Maryland will use treated wastewater to cool computers.

    A pumping station will be used to pump the waste water and will be built at an expense of $40 million by 2016. About five million gallons of waste water will be supplied and used to cool the data center’s many many computers. The NSA seems to have got this right, given the fact that this is indeed a better way to make use of the waste water instead of having it dumped into oceans. However, this hasn’t kept angry internet users from frowning at the National Security Agency, given the fact that not everyone is happy with having his/her privacy compromised.

    [Via – Inhabitat]

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