• Nike’s environment friendly soccer kits to adorn the USA team this world cup

  • Nike_eco_soccer_kit.jpg
    Nike will keep Team USA’s game on the soccer field clean and green this world cup. And by that, we mean that the team will use some really cool eco-friendly kits. Made out of recycled materials, these Nike kits that the USA team will sport on-field at the world cup in South Africa, kicking off on June 11th, have helped save 254,000 kilograms of polyester and 13 million plastic bottles from landing up in landfills as waste.

    Well, that’s not all. These kits weigh around 13% lighter than other soccer kits by Nike. Part of the kit, the Elite Series boots are lighter than any other Nike soccer boot and will running and sprinting a bit easier for the USA team. Green tech takes over the soccer world cup too!

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