• New Model Panasonic “Ene-Farm” Home Fuel Cell 95% Efficient

  • Since its launch in May 2009, around 21,000 Ene-Farm Fuel cells have been sold in Japan. With the launch of the new model, Panasonic are hoping for more. The price has been cut (from approximately $30,700 to $22,320 – not including installation), lower energy needs can now be catered for (the latest cell can supply 200-750W), it is 95% efficient, has an operating life of 60,000 hours and can cut CO2 emissions by around 49%. Using chemical reactions, rather than combusting fossil fuels, fuel cells like the ‘Ene-Farm’ are more environmentally friendly than traditional power sources. Using a fuel processor, the cell takes hydrogen from the city gas supply and reacts it with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce heat and hot water. The remote control included with the latest model also monitors CO2 emissions for the fuel cell and also should any solar panels be installed in the home.

    Panasonic’s latest “Ene-Farm” home fuel cell will be available in Japan in April 2013


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