• NASA can help the farms of the future go tech savvy and eco-friendly

  • satellite-fields-nasa-photo-01.jpg
    NASA has always been up there in space, busy looking at planets and setting up satellites. The organization has never had much to do with farmers before though, except searching for crop circles that is. Anyways, in the future, farmers are likely to get more gadget-friendly, and will probably spend their time using GPS controlled tractors to do their bidding while they sip on a hot mug of chocolate milk, keeping a watch over their farms by staring at an iPad screen. A far-fetched dream? Not really! Using satellite imaging, farmers can check for dry spots on their fields and selectively water the thirsty areas, saving a load of water at in the bargain! And NASA can sure help with the imaging! And how about a couple of solar panels to power up all the irrigation systems and an electricity-powered tractor!

    A true green farm, with minimum carbon footprint is what we’re looking forward to.

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