• Motor oil pools inside Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey double up as liquid mirrors

  • oil-pool-1Motor oil isn’t particularly pleasing to the eye and certainly has never been hailed for its aesthetic value, until today. Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey plays home to two shimmering pools of black that use recycled motor oil to reflect the structure’s soaring interior. The motor oil pools inside the building reflect the ornate arches and ceilings perfectly, thanks to their oily and unbroken surfaces. The motor oil pools contrast well with the chapel’s pristine, white-washed walls.

    These pools were added to the Bellelay Abbey as part of an art installation by Swiss artist Romain Crelier a couple of years ago. They’re now an integral part of the Abbey’s interior design, adding a touch of beauty in the most subtle way, while enabling the repurposing of motor oil.







    [Via – My-Modern-Met]

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