• Most Polluting Coal Power Plants around the Globe

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    Want to have a look at serious CO2 offenders around the globe? Forbes.com has compiled comprehensive data along with interactive map to identify 200 most polluting power plants in the world. These are the dirtiest of the lot. The interactive map is interesting indeed (go to link below to check it out) and gives much information about highest carbon emitters. Taiwan seems to lead in worst carbon emission which is 40 million tons annually. Robert Scherer power plant in United States on the other hand emits 27 million tons of carbon.

    The sad conclusion is 60 percent of electricity which comes from coal based power plants leaves loads of carbon footprint. Apart from depleting fossil fuel resource this carbon emission gives all the more reason to mull about alternative fuels. The data is so comprehensive that one can even calculate nation wise per capita emission of CO2. Australia leads with a rate of 20.58, followed by United States rate of 19.78. Most of these polluting plants are concentrated in United States and East Asia.
    Via The Phoenix Sun