• Modern Ecological Trends that Your Girlfriend Would Love

  • Do you believe that your eco-friendly lifestyle can be a source of attractiveness for women? Sure, it can! According to a survey of vava bride users, girls care more about the environment than men. Maybe the reason is their eternal love to beauty and desire to live in a harmony with nature. That’s why we prepared some entertaining topics about environmentally friendly trends that your girlfriend would love.

    The electric cars
    The times when women went crazy about big and aggressive cars has been slowly fading away. Today the number of people willing to buy an electric car or scooter (EV) is increasing. They are no longer expensive as they were a few years ago. Moreover, the cost of owning an EV is also decreasing, so more people will afford such vehicle in future. This is definitely a good news for men. Your women from masha brides will be much impressed with your taste in cars and care for ecology. Modern EV look even more impressing and luxurious than a Ferrari.

    Indoor gardens
    Home plants create coziness and a feeling of closeness to nature. The latest world trend in design and ecology is growing your own small garden at your apartment. Due to a sophisticated combination of technology and eco-friendly idea, the inventors created a hydroponic planter that allows you to grow garden flowers and even trees indoors. It is not only cute, beautiful, and extraordinary, but also helps purify the air. Moreover, today there are many kitchen appliances for veggie growing. It is a nice topic to discuss during your Vip brides dating.

    Solar technologies
    Solar batteries considered a pure science fiction about 30 years ago. Today, the technical progress and a growth of green technologies made this invention more widespread than ever. Thousands of families refused of power companies’ service. They get pure solar energy from the endless and eco-friendly source with a little help of modern inventions for mass markets. The solar energy storing systems for dwelling houses and flats are widely produced in Europe and USA. Year after year, these solutions are predicted to become more affordable. And also solar batteries are used in our everyday devices and equipment. For example, the first solar-powered backpacks have been launched in production recently. You can easily accumulate energy for charging your smartphone just during a regular walk!

    Green tourism
    Tourists kill the local and global ecology yearly. They leave tons of garbage in the most popular sites, their vehicles pollute the air, and the appliances for entertainment consume the incredible amount of energy. Moreover, numerous of hotels that are built every year also put a negative footprint on the environment. They consume tons of water, electricity, and produce extra garbage after cooking and cleaning. The idea of green tourism is based on reducing waste products with a help of couch surfing or renting rooms of the local citizens. In addition, tourists are advised to try farming, gardening, and other green activities. A nice idea for a weekend with a girlfriend who concerns about environment.

    Recycled and green materials in design
    People start paying more attention on building materials and different solutions for interior. Indeed, you can produce anything using recycled plastic, cardboard, paper and wood. For instance, the green designers have launched a line of coffee tables, chairs, shelves, plant pots, tableware, and other decors and furniture made of such materials. And the weirdest and greenest trends of recent month are jewelry made of coffee and bean husk tableware. Indeed, human resourcefulness has no limits!

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