• Miapolis, the world’s tallest building designed to be green and eco-friendly

  • miapolis1.jpg
    Miami will proudly boast the worlds tallest building, if all goes as planned. This super tower known as Miapolis will be 183 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa. Designed by KOBI KARP, the building is a “city within a city” and will use futuristic cutting edge sustainable technology making it the world’s largest LEED-certified structure. To be built on Watson Island, the 160-floor eco-city will house entertainment zones, and amusement park, restaurants, and observatory, a 792 room hotel, 1000 apartments and a whole lot of space for shops and offices. Miapolis will be powered 60% by wind energy and will also use a green roof, greenhouse gas management systems, water desalinization, waste water management, electric trolleys and a whole load of other features packed in to make it the world’s largest green eco-friendly structure. The eco-city will also help revitalize downtown Miami by creating 46,000 construction and 35,000 permanent jobs for the locals.

    This structure will be something to look out for in Miami!

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