• Lunar, the solar-powered art installation by Spencer Finch lights up Chicago

  • Lunar-solar-powered-art-1.jpg
    Take a bit of art, mix it up with a load of green and a dash of technology and you’d probably come up with something like this installation by artist Spencer Finch. Propped high on the roof of the Art Institute of Chicago, this installation called the Lunar makes use of solar energy to glow at night. Shaped like a buckyball, the aluminum structure uses solar panels that collect sunlight during the day time. This is then used to illuminate the LED bulbs during the night time with the same luminosity as a full moon. Also, to keep this source of artificial moon-light in place without blowing off the roof, the installation was filled with lead and currently weighs in at about 2,500 pounds.

    A perfect blend of art and environment-friendly technology, the Lunar sure does great in illuminating the darkened out winter nights in the city of Chicago.

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