• LuminAID, solar powered inflatable pillow works as green lighting solution for developing countries

  • LuminAID.jpg
    The developing world has its fair share of troubles, owing to the fact that electricity there is more of a luxury than a necessity! People living in areas in far flung developing countries usually have no other light sources besides the sun itself, and after-dark hours are usually spent in darkness. Bringing light to these parts of the world, the LuminAID concept is a thoughtful and innovative device that works as a pillow as well as a source of light. This inflatable plastic pillow sports a solar panel which when exposed to six hours of sunlight shines the LEDs packed in it for a whole 5 hours! Also, this one’s waterproof and can withstand the elements well enough.

    Costing $25 a pop, buying one of these will have another sent to people in developing countries, helping them bring light to their dark hours.

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