• Longboard Stroller by Quinny will give you a joy ride with your kid

  • longboard-stroller-1If you are a mom who likes a little bit of adventure, then the newly invented, very cool Longboard stroller by Quinny is the product you will love. Talk to any parent, and he/she will tell you that strollers are a great place for toddlers to be in, but carrying them around is such a pain. Quinny’s Longboard stroller is a wonderful combination of very light and compact stroller and a skateboard, the seat section of the child’s stroller is attached to the front of it. So, you can zoom around faster and have fun, and the kids will also enjoy the ride. And if you cross the speed limits in excitement, there are brakes at the back and handlebars for steering near the seat section. So much convenient for going long distances and also it is an eco-friendly option to get round. Children between 9 months to four and a half years of age can comfortably sit in Longboard stroller.

    longboard-stroller-2The stroller looks like a great invention for cool and young parents, but not everyone’s going to like it, as it looks a little dangerous too. Longboard stroller will be available in Europe sometime in the next few months for a price of €599. Longboard won’t be available in North America, Australia and New Zealand due to the safety regulations there.

    [Via – Tree-Hugger]

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