• LG develops wastewater treatment solution, Green Membrane Bioreactor

  • LG_Green_Membrane_Bioreactor.jpg
    LG have finally decided to keep the water clean and have developed a wastewater treatment solution, the Green Membrane Bioreactor (G-MBR) process. LG announced its intentions to kick-start wastewater treatment a couple of months ago and have quickly come up with the first of its technology. LG’s G-MBR requires 34% less space than the conventional ones, due to its use of slimmer flat-type microfiltration membrane modules. Also, these membranes keep away the contamination and fouling, using an advanced debris screening technology. The phosphorus removing system in the G-MBR is twice as effective as other MBRs around. This is indeed a significant development by LG which will help provide developing nations with a cheaper way to clean water.

    We sure hope LG comes up with a load of technology that’ll help keep our waters crystal clear and fit for consumption.

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