• LA’s largest solar electrical shadeport to power Air Force Base

  • Solar-Shadeport-at-Los-Angeles-Air-Force-Base.jpg
    We’ve heard of airports like the Page Field General Aviation Airport in Southwest Florida and the Le Castellet International Airport in the South of France using solar power to juice them up. It’s about time Air Force bases take the hint and start going solar too. And that’s exactly what the Los Angeles Air Force Base has done, by installing the city’s largest solar electrical shadeport. This system, producing 360kW will help save up on $70,000 on electric bills yearly. This means, over 30 years, $12.5 million paid by taxpayers will be saved.

    The system was installed by Solar Electrical, a highly experienced solar design and installation firm from Southern California, and has 7 modules combined into one long panel. Shipping out the array on flat bed trucks after being panelized in the factory itself, helped save up on installation time, costs and labor too. With this, the Air Force goes closer to the sunshine.

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