• Largest hand-painted canvas in the world recycled into 5,000 environment-friendly shopping bags

  • shopping-plastic-bags-tripoli-lebanon.jpg
    Just last week, the people of Lebanon broke the world record for the world’s largest hand-painted canvas, leaving hand-prints on 4,355 square meters of fabric. With the record broken and jotted down in the Guinness Book of World Records, the organizers of the event were left scratching their chins thinking of a good way to get rid of the humongous canvas and finally came up with an innovative idea to recycle it and give it a new purpose in life, turning it all into 5,000 environment –friendly shopping bags. These bags can be used as reusable alternatives to one-time-use plastic bags.

    The canvas bags are to be handed out for free in Lebanon and are sure to work as healthy reminders of recycling for the people and act as a better way to carry their shopping around.

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