• Landscape artist Marc Granen adds a garden to a bus roof!

  • bus-garden-1
    Well, homes with gardens on their roofs are a pretty sight and aren’t really an innovation that could be termed as groundbreaking. Since quite a while now, people living in urban concrete jungles, looking for green spaces, have begun planting gardens on their roofs. This obviously has lots of advantages, including a regular supply of home-grown food as well as better air quality. What caught our eye lately however, are these green roofs, which have found a home on top of public transport vehicles! Landscape artist Marc Granen came up with the idea and a system christened PhytoKinetic that uses condensation from the vehicle’s air conditioning system to water the roof.

    Currently, just one bus has been spotted with a roof as such and is being used to transport tourists to and from a nature and camping facility in Girona, Spain. Bystanders have been known to stare wide-eyed as this green bus with its beautiful roof passes by. Marc Granen has also installed the system on a van, proving that you don’t really need to have a large bus to have a green roof!






    [Via – Dailymail]

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